Boys and Girls Learn Differently by Michael Gurian


Boys and Girls Learn Differently by Michael Gurian



In this profoundly significant book, author Michael Gurian has revised and updated his groundbreaking book that clearly demonstrated how the distinction in hard-wiring and socialized gender differences affects how boys and girls learn. Gurian presents a proven method to educate our children based on brain science, neurological development, and chemical and hormonal disparities. The innovations presented in this book were applied in the classroom and proven successful, with dramatic improvements in test scores, during a two-year study that Gurian and his colleagues conducted in six Missouri school districts.

Explores the inherent differences between the developmental neuroscience of boys and girls
Reveals how the brain learns
Explains when same sex classrooms are appropriate, and when theyre not

This edition includes new information on a wealth of topics including how to design the ultimate classroom for kids in elementary, secondary, middle, and high school.
400 pages

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