Non-Suicidal Self-Injury Webinar - Single User


Non-Suicidal Self-Injury Webinar – Single User



Grades 6-12
According to research, about 13-25% of youth aged 11-25 self-injure. Exact figures are inconclusive since self-injury is often done in secret and goes undetected unless an adolescent is being treated for a related condition.’ More recent trends suggest that self-injurious behaviors in adolescents and young adults are on the rise.
Young people who deliberately do harm to their own bodies are often misunderstood. The underlying contributing factors that lead to self-mutilation are sometimes very complex and easily overlooked. Without effective intervention, self-harm is likely to continue and may escalate in frequency, duration and/or intensity. The addictive nature of the self-mutilation cycle may lead young people to engage in dangerous compulsions that can have shattering consequences.
During this research-based 90-minute webinar, Kaye Randall, MSW, LISW-CP (and co-author of See My Pain! Creative Strategies & Activities for Helping Young People Who Self-Injure) will provide you with fresh understandings and innovative approaches that can be used to connect with and help these young people. In addition, educators will learn how to approach this sometimes puzzling behavior within the school setting.
What You Will Learn: This workshop will help participants better understand self-injury. Participants will learn how to:

Understand underlying reasons for these harmful and addictive behaviors.
Consider critical dos and donts when responding to suspected or observed self-injury in young people.
Use research-based, best-practice approaches to self-injury.
Help young people acknowledge and address their own self-injurious behavior.
Use recommended creative-arts strategies and activities for helping children and adolescents who self-injure.
Understand the SMB Cycle and use Intervention Mapping.
Share suggestions and tips with parents and siblings of self-injuring young people.

Who Should Attend:

Classroom Teachers
Special Education Personnel
School Counselors
Social Workers
Mental Health Services
School Psychologists
Intervention Specialists
School Nurses
Principals & Other Administrators
School Safety Specialist

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